Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc.

The Philippines has gone through tremendous trials and transformation over the past 20 years.
As a country, we have been victims of disasters and calamities, the likes of which have shocked the world.


As a nation, we have experienced economic uncertainties and survived political upheavals that have threatened to shake the foundations of our democracy. As a family, we have gone through loss and separation, poverty and insecurity. As individuals, we have worked in harsh environments here and abroad and have endured desperation and loneliness brought about by separation from those we love.

And through all these, the Filipino has come out resilient and learned.

From Yolanda and Pablo, we realized that preparation can indeed reduce the risk of loss and damages. We now understand that a small country, rich in a workforce that has been trained and equipped with the skill for the global workplace, will survive, even when bigger economies are at the brink of collapse.


We know as a family that the sacrifices we make are compensated with peace of mind, knowing that children are receiving their education and are themselves gearing up for their own challenges.

This is the age of realization. Experiences and suffering have been our teachers and, with technology, the media, and numerous platforms and avenues for information, come limitless education. We have learned to prepare for calamities, equip ourselves with better skills and learned to spot opportunities. There is no more excuse for lack of planning and preparation.

Riding the waves of education and discernment, PSMBFI is propelled to promote financial literacy among public safety practitioners and their families. The association pushes to inculcate prudence and preparation for uncertainties and tragedies that we have seen to come to many of our friends and comrades. Inspired by the receptiveness of our members, we have further pushed to promote values of financial fitness and proactivity among our brothers and sisters from other public safety agencies as we believe that everyone who serve the country and sacrifice their lives for the citizenry deserve stability and financial security.

Driven by the passion to alleviate the living conditions of our constituents, the association has added new, and also improved the existing benefits to members, among which are the increase in WIA and KIA benefits, the free Accident Hospitalization Benefit, the improvements in the loan facilities, the distribution of monetary benefits and the creation of new products that improve the lives of policyholders.

As members, we are more secure and better financially equipped. The lesson that preparation thwarts hopelessness has pushed us to act with wisdom and cautiousness for our family’s financial future. We are now better informed, better educated and better geared for what may come. Together with the board of trustees, the management team and the men and women of PSMBFI, we encourage our members to work with us in our quest to empower public safety practitioners with financial literacy and foresight.