Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc.

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Requirements for Cash Advance or Initial Payment of Death Claim (1 Copy Each)

  1. Spot Report or Report of Death
  2. Death Certificate

Requirements for Death Claims (1 Copy Each)

  1. Investigation Report or Spot Report
  2. Death Certificate (Certified True Copy from the Civil Registrar)
  3. Certificate of Last Payment and Updated Service Record
  4. Birth Certificate of Children (designated)
  5. Claimant's valid ID with 3 specimen signatures
  6. Additional documents (on a case to case basis):
    - Marriage Contract with Advisory on Marriage (original copy with official receipt)
    - Birth Certificate of Insured (if single)
    - Certificate of Legal Dependent(s)
    - Affidavit of Guardianship
    - Other documents to address a pending issue

Requirements for Accidental Disability Claims (1 Copy Each)

  1. Investigation Report
  2. Certificate of Permanent Disability from attending physician (within 6 months after the incident)
  3. Photo of affected body part
  4. Service Record
  5. Payslip
  6. Company ID (PNP/PCG/BFP, etc)

Requirements for Wounded In Action

  1. Spot Report or After Operation Report
  2. Certification from the unit that member was wounded during legitimate operation
  3. Medical Report from Regional Health Officer
  4. Company ID (PNP/PCG/BFP, etc.)