Public Safety Mutual Benefit Fund Inc.

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What you need


PSMBFI’s term life insurance coverage provides maximum protection at a minimal cost.


A portion of your contribution earns interest every year, just like a savings account.

Because accidents happen

Accident Hospitalization Benefit (AHB)

No one is really able to prepare enough for the difficulties brought about by accidents especially when it necessitates hospitalization*. PSMBFI helps ease the burden with a FREE Accident Hospitalization Benefit for Members. Members qualified for the AHB are given P1,000/day for a maximum of 7 days.

*Minimum of 24 hours confinement.

Accidental Death Benefit

In case of death due to an accident, your beneficiaries shall receive an additional amount equivalent to 100% of your life insurance coverage.

Accidental Disablement Benefit

In case of disablement due to an accident, you shall receive an amount depending on the loss suffered.

And heroes bravely give

Wounded-in-Action Benefit*

For major or minor wounds sustained during legitimate PNP/PCG/BFP operations, monetary benefits shall be awarded to the member.

P50,000 for Major Wounds

P20,000 for Minor Wounds

Killed-in-Action Benefit*

The beneficiaries of members who get killed during legitimate PNP/PCG/BFP operations will also receive the Killed-in Action Benefit which is equivalent to 50% of their basic life insurance coverage.

*For uniformed PNP, PCG and BFP personnel.

50% of Basic Life Insurance

So you deserve a bit more to tide you over for the little uncertainties

Member's Experience Refund (MER)

The MER is a portion of the company's earnings that is distributed among qualified members.

As well as for the big ones

Loan Facilities

When funds are tight, you may avail of PSMBFI’s different loan packages at affordable rates.

And since you are more than just a policyholder, of course, you have a say.

General Membership Meeting & Election

As a member, you have the right to vote for or be voted as a member of the PSMBFI's Board of Trustees.